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Kelly Seelbinder, Founder

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carpet cleaning solutions

Steam Cleaning


visits are a minimum of $79 and include one area/item. Each additional area up to 250 square feet is $19. Areas include rooms, hallways and/or staircases. 
Items are listed below :

  • Arm Chairs $39-$59
  • Recliners $49-$69
  • Love Seats $49-$69
  • Couches $69-$99
  • Sectionals $99-$199
  • Mattresses $29-$59
  • Dining Room Chairs $19-$29
  • Throw Rugs $19-$49
  • Area/Oriental Rugs $59-$199

Additional Options:

  • Odor elimination $39 per area
  • Santizing $39 per area
  • Deoderizing $29 per area
  • Ionizing $79 per visit
  • Recleaning of spot/stain $19
  • Fabric protection $39 per area

Repair Services:

  • Touch-up and/or repair of bleached spots
  • Carpet repair including stretching, seam and snag repair
  • Replacement of small sections of carpet
  • Repair and/or replace of sub-floor, tack boards and carpet

     *Carpet and/or upholstery with excessive soil and/or debris costs

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